Orcas Island Getaway @ Rosario

Here’s the output of my first test with Inside Maps.

360 Tour Embedded into site below.

Below are some of the HDR images created from the pano’s from InsideMaps. You get to choose different output ratios of images (square, 4:3, 16:9). Below are 16:9 format.

I have not used any filters or alterations after downloading. The day was cloudy/overcast and windy when took these.


How did Inside Maps do in creating the floorplan? Take a look for yourself.
I think it’s done a very good job with spatial recognition. Below first image is from InsideMaps floor plan creation. You can compare that to a more traditional architectural plan (that I had created from a Fiverr gig) for this home that shows actual layout/size.

When I exported the floorplan as a jpg, below is what was generated. I opted to remove dimensions and square footage from the map (toggle option to keep or remove).

Ground Floor.jpg

Below is the floorplan created from the Inside Maps. Note: I did not enter the Mechanical/Storage, so you’ll see a fairly big difference in that area.


Orcas Island Getaway @ Rosario
San Juan County Vacation Rental Permit # PCUP00-17-0020