Header Image: Hiking Trail at Turtleback Mountain on Orcas Island, Washington

Hiking on Orcas Island

There are so many great hikes on Orcas Island for visitors to enjoy, it might be hard to fit them all in during your stay. 

Located on Orcas Island's east side, Moran State Park boasts over 30 miles of hiking trails with varied difficulty levels, but nearly all with fantastic views or unique surroundings. You can find hikes around lakes and waterfalls, as well as old-growth forest as a protective canopy. 

Turtleback Mountain Preserve is located on Orcas Island's west side, and has 2 locations where trailheads begin. The North Trailhead is located on Crow Valley Road. Hikers can expect to see great views of Crow Valley at the lookout while the south trailhead is located just off Deer Harbor Road and fantastic views to the south and west during your hike.

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